We have a number of demonstration sites, and other pharmacies, willing to share their experiences with the Health Destination program. These pharmacies have been selected to reflect the variety of pharmacies that can benefit from the program.

You can follow their stories here and on PSA's Facebook and Twitter pages.

ACT: Amcal Plus Belconnen

Amcal Plus Belconnen

Belconnen Suburban City Shopping Centre 500m² Brand Amcal Plus 2000

August 2016

"Signing up for the Health Destination Pharmacy program has been a really positive move and has helped my business by having more interaction between pharmacists and patients.

"This is a whole new way of looking at pharmacy and there's a need to reinvent ourselves - we have to look at all aspects of improving our business.

"I see a lot of passionate people behind the Health Destination program and that's why weí'e become involved. I'm really excited and I've got my team that's rearing to go."

- Ben Jackson, Amcal Plus Belconnen, Canberra

TAS: Risdon Vale Pharmacy

Risdon Vale Pharmacy Tasmania

Risdon Vale Urban City Shopping Centre 40m² Independent n/a 500

January 2016

"The Health Destination program has really helped our pharmacy become a total health solution, especially within our small community who rely on our health services.

The program (is) really maximising our current services... to empower people to take control of their own health.

I would definitely recommend the Health Destination Pharmacy model. It empowers you to focus on what we can do better and how we can make a difference, as well having important financial benefits."

- Katie Hayes, Risdon Vale Pharmacy, Risdon Vale, Tasmania

NSW: Cincotta Chemist Mascot


Mascot Urban Neighbourhood shopping strip 380m² Brand Cincotta Chemist 2000

January 2016

"When I first heard about Health Destination Pharmacy, I was a little bit nervous. But now I'm very excited.

It's exciting because the Health Destination model paves a whole new way forward for us to do things better and work closely with the community. It provides health outcomes, especially in a highly-competitive business environment.

Our customers love it and so do our staff!

We're now rolling out the program to offer more health interactions and introducing specific services we can add to our offering."

- Anthony Vass, Cincotta Chemist Mascot, NSW

SA: National Pharmacies Golden Grove


Golden Grove Suburban Shopping Centre 365m² Friendly Society National Pharmacies 3000

January 2016

"I would definitely recommend the Health Destination program - it benefits both pharmacists and consumers.

Our customers are enjoying the fact that pharmacists are much more accessible, and patients are more open to advice and healthcare solutions.

The Health Destination program really brings important attention back to pharmacists and their skills as health professionals - I think pharmacy needs to get back to becoming more health-focused rather than discount-focus - it's about value-adding to healthcare and pharmacies.

It's also beneficial because you do get to discuss ideas with other people and network with other pharmacies to learn more for professional development.

I think it will definitely pay off in the long-term and I'm sure the investment will be very useful and productive."

- Himali Kaniyal, National Pharmacies Golden Grove, SA

QLD: Eagle Heights Pharmacy


Eagle Heights Regional Neighbourhood Shopping Strip 170m² Independent N/A 680

January 2016

"I think the new Health Destination approach is very exciting for pharmacy.

The Health Destination program is highly beneficial for many reasons, such as; upholding the reputation of pharmacists and pharmacy, ensuring people are getting the best healthcare possible and maximising the potential for a pharmacy in all aspects of the business.

We're quite a small pharmacy, however having a forward-pharmacist model has been great for business and has instilled more faith and engagement in our local community.

People will definitely return to a pharmacy that takes more care with customers and this will help boost profits at the end of the day."

- Margaux Joubert (ECP), Eagle Heights Pharmacy, Gold Coast

VIC: Mount's Pharmacy Ivanhoe

Sam Chan

Ivanhoe Suburban Neighbourhood Shopping Strip 600m² Independent N/A 1800

October 2017

“It’s been really good so far – I’m happy about how effective the Health Destination change program has been.

We now do blood pressure testing and seminars for clients. MedsChecks have also been positive for our customers and we are working with local doctors.

I think we’ve really changed our focus now to having a ‘Health Destination solution’ – with all the team members being more focused on helping people rather than selling products.

The focus and change is good as we’re confidently providing complete healthcare solutions.

As I’ve been around for a while in pharmacy, I’ve seen many young pharmacists who have become disillusioned.

However with programs like Health Destination, we can do more to enrich job satisfaction, which is a good move especially for Early Career Pharmacists (ECP).”

- Sam Chan, Mount’s Pharmacy Ivanhoe, VIC